iWebKit5 comes to Firefox

Recently i have been working on taking the iWebKit 5.0 framework and producing a CSS extension that allows pages to be ‘better’ rendered on Firefox. Checkout its homepage at: http://trynull.com/iWebKitMozilla/.

Checkout the a screen shot of it in action:)

Using this couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is add the ‘extension’ CSS to your header after the official CSS.

Special thanks to the Soft-V2 theme of iPhone icons for the ‘installer’ icon. Grab the fill list of icons at:


2 thoughts on “iWebKit5 comes to Firefox

  1. Great job with making the iwebkit extension for FireFox.
    Any chance you will do the same for IE or know of another tool that can accomplish the iPhone look and feel across all browsers.


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