Mar 23

Western Digital and the sour fruits in this brave new world

I hope that most of the traffic to this post is from the sources such as twitter and search engines like Bing and Google. Today I would like to blog about something very different to what I usually blog about. Today I want to talk about something that I would have never expected to see from a company as large as Western Digital. Today I want to name and shame and this organisation and make even the humble computer nerd think twice before buying consumer electronics with their shiny “WD” logos. Today I’m going to review and express my disgust with Western Digitals products and procedures.

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Mar 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-12

  • Mabey google should be a sponsor for chuck. So many geeks love the show! #
  • @pamelafox OMG… Dr. Pepper is NASTY! Horrible taste in reply to pamelafox #
  • Wow. North ryde train station is deep! #
  • I got the Mac Heist bundle. 7 awesome apps worth $260+ for just $20 and got 3 great bonus apps free! #
  • OMG i just realised that optus's DNS servers automaticaly redirect a url which is "www" to #

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Mar 11

Web browsers: The OS of the internet

I have recently started diving deeper into styling web pages for different web browsers and have found that it is not a walk in the park. Coming from a developers background I feel that you can almost compare the HTML and CSS standards adopted by various browsers to the foundations of programming for different programming languages and operating systems where the fundamental concepts are the same but other differences (such as lexical) can be a worlds apart.

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Mar 08

Big tag cloud

After realising that i hadnt posted anything to this blog for a few days, I decided to make a great big tag cloud!
[wp-cumulus trans=true width="560" height="560" tcolor="333333" tcolor2="33FF44" hicolor="000000" bgcolor="FFFFFF" trans="true" distr="true" speed="100"]