FLAvatared for WebDU

See that? Thats right! The organisers of WebDU 2010 have been kind enough to organise a FLAvatar for all their speakers. Damn they look nice! I can stare at myself all day.

Manoj Vekaria and I have been working on our WebDU presentation lately and things are coming along very well. If your going to attend WebDU 2010 and you want to be ‘flustered in lots of dots’(yes that’s my hint) come see our presentation! Here is a except outlining the contents of our presentation…

Need For Speed

Humanity has driven a long way since Commodore 64′s were all that was available to make tweeting and burping noises. Phenomenal growth has also been witnessed on the internet where users have gone from having slow computers with horribly slow internet connections to ridiculously fast computers with mind blowing internet connection speeds.
Internet users are speed hungry beasts who desire faster speeds and richer user experiences. This session will take you on a journey to explore the various web technologies available to developers and their relative performances of bitmap manipulation. From the traditional Java Applets and Flash coupled with Alchemy, PixelBender, TDSI and Haxe to the newer Silverlight and HTML5. The limits will be pushed by harnessing the hardware acceleration(GPU) using OpenGL.
By the end of the session you will have felt the adrenalin rush of rendering massive amounts of 3D particles spawning beautiful and interactive strange attractors.

Let me know what you think of my FLAvatar and of my presentation in the comments.

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