Jul 30

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-30

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Jul 23

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-23

  • @nickmaher sweet! Any new features for 3G owners? in reply to nickmaher #
  • 3 hours ago my mac was dead. It seems i have revived it! #
  • @nickmaher i surely want a iphone4… but im in a sticky situation coz this time ive 2 buy it outright… Ill wait & C wht the price tag is in reply to nickmaher #
  • @kalapratik looks like google baught metaweb in reply to kalapratik #
  • @kalapratik I think I need to see what it does properly before im convinced… Right now it just looks like 'a website that builds it self' in reply to kalapratik #
  • @kalapratik saw that already. Still not convinced that i would want to use this as a consumer. in reply to kalapratik #
  • Its still the worst phone… http://www.apple.com/antenna/testing-lab.html #
  • @nickmaher I tend ot have eclipse open for days on end… Dont think i have any sigificant performance issues. in reply to nickmaher #
  • The chasers are back!…. as 'Yes We Canberra!'…. http://www.chaser.com.au/component/content/article/29-chaser-updates/3541-yeswecanberra #
  • Kings School Mark latham Choir prank from 2004… http://youtu.be/vsl4wcq78Xs #
  • Fast talking election debate from 2007… http://youtu.be/XAbngwUgSW0 #
  • Esteem Cosmetics ad http://youtu.be/dpsTL3GTlYs #
  • What religion are buddist monks?… muslim #
  • What religion are buddist monks?… muslim… http://youtu.be/SS3_hT_FUNQ #
  • Meeting John Howard… http://youtu.be/xuKMtLOKG8k #
  • Wonder if this upgraded #lenovo laptop is worth it…. http://bit.ly/9gpsV9 #
  • @nickmaher Any chance you could add some local notifications to tripview for iphone? in reply to nickmaher #
  • I wonder why ios4 for iPad is taking soo long. Apple should release it already #
  • objective-j is to javascript what objective-c is to c. check it out!…
    http://cappuccino.org/ #
  • Wonder why my tweetdeck isnt working:S #
  • Gmail's High Score theme makes me want to play street fighter:( #
  • I think that the most enjoyable iPhone app I have installed so far is emoticons. Not sure why it isn't a standard feat. http://bit.ly/bBt9f5 #
  • @dannolan it seems to be quite interesting. You haven't missed out on much so far. Just about colours. in reply to dannolan #
  • RT @kunalnayyar: Please RT-Please vote for my friend Peter Chen's film "Market Price." http://bit.ly/aAIn8j #
  • Yay. I found parking that's close to uni!.. w00t. #UNSW should give all students a handful of free parking days a semester. #
  • Sweden Will Soon Have The World’s First Pirate ISP…. http://bit.ly/dvSdyG #
  • Every Microsoft Employee Is Getting A Free Windows Phone 7, Uh, Phone…. Hope that includes me:( …. http://bit.ly/dlMjqZ #
  • I always wondered why the "End call" button in 'iOS3' has been replaced with a "End" button… http://bit.ly/9wk2YO #
  • Every geeks fantasy!…. http://bit.ly/arNva8 #
  • w00t… skype now supports full multitasking for iPhone.. AND… FREE 3G calls! #
  • Does anyone know why #instruments seems to think that the Apple iOS #frameworks are responsible for #leaking #memory?!.. Is it my #fault #
  • Looking forward to creating a 3 way GKVoiceChatService session tomorrow.. Hope it works! #
  • Using #SIKULI at work with @nojyfied . Its very impressive!… http://sikuli.org Someone should sell this… cough #Microsoft cough #google #
  • Automated user interface testing with http://sikuli.org #
  • @pallavisah hehehe good point! in reply to pallavisah #

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Jul 18

Making Huawei E169 3G Modem be friends with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I have spent the last 5 months trying to make a Huawei e169 modem work with MacOS X Snow Leopard and I can proudly say that I have finally got it working.. thanks to a excellent tutorial that I found on the web. You can find this original article here.

Unlike the usual ‘download the driver and install’ analogy that applies to any hardware you want to connect to your computer. The problem that I have faced in getting the 3G device to work is that:

  • The manufacturer(Heawei) doesn’t provide drivers. It expects carriers(like Optus, Telstra, 3, Vodafone, AT&T.. blah blah) to provide them.
  • Optus(my 3G card’s carrier) technical support is LAZY and downright horrible. From what i can gather, they havent provide the updated snow leopard drivers to their customers.
  • A lazy Google search didn’t get me very far into finding the drivers. I had to really narrow down my search.

Till i found the article that had what i needed! Specifically here is what you need to do to make your Huawei e169 3G Modem work with Mac OSX Snow Leopard Continue reading

Jul 16

Twitter Updates since 2010-03-10

This weeks twitter tools post is a interesting one. Few months back I accidentally killed the TwitterTools settings in WordPress. Few days back, I finally got around to fixing it… and walla!.. my biggest post yet!… it seems that everything that I have posted since (about) the 10th of march 2010 has been blogged in this post. So with nothing more to say…. I’ll leave you all to enjoying the most epically boring blog post ever!…. Continue reading