Sep 03

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-03

  • Have you ever noticed that Rob Schneider is in all of Adam Sandlers movies?.. This) puts a freaky spin on it! #
  • YAY… finished a assignment! #
  • @dcummins Once I fell asleep on the bus after a long day and my brother put a rolled up bus ticket in my mouth and took a photo. in reply to dcummins #
  • YAY… For the first time i weeks i have 0 unread email in my inbox!.. w00t! #
  • Have to love digital cameras.. #
  • Getting paid to be on .. What more could i ask for:D #
  • WOW!.. a just flew over sydney! #
  • LMFAO twitter goes nuts with fighter jet talk as soon as sydney gets a flyover! #
  • My life is so robotic these days that a 20 min power nap on the #UNSW physics lawn was the highlight of my day. Sigh I want another nap. #
  • Upgrading my iphone 3g to ios4.1… I Hope it improves performance!. #
  • iTunes 10: the first version of iTunes for OSX that you cant minimise by double clicking. Be sure to do it one last time before you upgrade. #
  • Gangster bear! #
  • Love how the new iPod nano commercial has the "na na naa na na naaaaaa" from the #chuck intro theme @zacharylevi @Y_Strahovski #

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Sep 02

What were they thinking: iTunes 10

Apple has been known to be a company that puts a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that applications meet users expectations. This can easily be seen by the strict review process that all iPhone applications have to go through. While watching the live keynote at 3am(Sydney time) I quickly noticed one very interesting feature within iTunes 10…

Screenshot of iTunes 10 titlebar buttonsFor those that cant notice what it is, the ‘close’, ‘minimise’ and ‘optimise?’ buttons are kinda… weird….

  • No titlebar
  • Vertically placed
  • Smaller then all other system buttons.

After thinking about this strange layout I have a theory as to why they did this. Since iTunes 8(or 9… im not too sure) the pesky green ‘optimise?’ button has not done what all other apple applications do… optimise the size of the application window for the content thats inside. Yea sure some applications (like firefox and even microsoft word for mac) choose not to adhere to Apples interesting philosophy of ‘optimise?’ and choose to make the button behave in a ‘maximise’ manner like on windows computers. For some weird reason, the iTunes 8 button collapsed the application window to the mini-player mode.

Does Apple think that making the buttons appear to be different to the rest of the OS mean that users will be reminded that pressing them wont do what they expect?.. I don’t know.. I most certainly don’t like it! I think today is the first day that i haven’t been able to minimise iTunes by double clicking. Sigh. Nothing I can do now but get used to it. What a bad fruit.