Oct 29

Mac2Win: Making the scroll wheel scroll like OSX

To kick-start my mac2window transition series i’ll be talking about a feature that most full time OSX users use but probebly dont realise its not in windows. Scrolling the mouse wheel on OSX makes the window under the mouse scroll. However in windows this doesn’t happen. Instead it makes the window/view with the keyboard focus scroll. I have found this to be very frustrating indeed!

To make the scroll focus follow your mouse pointer, there is a windows plugin/utility called WizMouse. Incase you come across any unexpected behavior in your applications, you can easily disable the plugin from the system tray. Simple enough. What is the catch?.. Ummm… nothing!… Its even FREE!… w00t!

Oct 28

Mac2Win: Back to windows

In a few months I will no longer be a full time OSX user. Instead, after almost 5 years of using OSX I will be using Windows on a day to day basis. By listening to the chatter in my circle of (geeky)friends over the past couple of years, I have learnt that the switch from Windows to OSX is rather straight forward. I like to say that after you get over the habit of double clicking the title bar to maximize the window, its smooth sailing. In fact its probably smoother then using windows itself.

Today Im going to start posting articles for OSX users who are going to sail back home from Narnia. That is, OSX users who are switching back to Windows. I hope to blog about windows and mac features/plugins that help make the transition… less painful for everyday people and developers alike. I think that even newly converted OSX users will be able to get something out of this series of articles.

To see all the articles. Check out the Mac2Win category in my blog.

Oct 17

Im still here.

Wow, its been a while! I have been tied down by Work, Uni and Thesis(yes thesis gets special mention coz there is so much to do) that the only kind of blogging i have time for is micro-blogging(aka twitter). I have a few articles in the pipeline so never fear. Some of them are very interestingly different too! So hopefully you wont see my boring twitter blog posts.

Check back here in the next fortnight for more stuff.

PS: Its interesting how the mind works. Few months ago I named my “Im still here” blog post… “Im still here”.