How iProtect my mac

Recently I came across a video on YouTube of how a hacker managed to track down and retrieve. The story will surely make your day. Check it out…

This blokes story has made me think about my own beloved mac’s security. I hope i am not Jinx-ing myself by saying this but, I feel like I can track down my computer if it is stolen. Heres why.

Theres a application that all mac users should get their hands on a nifty little application called Undercover. What it does is it ‘secretly’ phones home to a server to tell it where it is located, both physically and on the internet(IP address). Combine this with a firmware password that prevents the computer from being formatted or booted into Windows, this is just the icing on the cake!

I suppose that the smoking gun is the ability to access and control the computer after it has been stolen. For a geek, this is pretty easy to do… Just enable SSH access and while your at it, you might as well enable VNC access. Just a reminder, make sure that the thief cant disable SSH and VNC by making sure they need a admin to do so.

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