Controlling Skype via CMD from Windows

After releasing skype4cocoa upon the world, I started thinking… It would be handy to have the same application for Windows users. After all, windows users do make up almost 90% of users.

Today I am proud to release of skype4cmd. This application interfaces with Skype using the same input/output commands. The only major difference between this version and the Mac version is the fact that the mac version is a ‘magical’ single binary file and the windows version must be deployed with the Interop.SKYPE4COMLib.dll file that Skype provides. If anyone knows how I can suck this library into the binary, I would appreciate it if you could get in touch with me. Here is how you can get your fingers on the Visual Studio source and binary:


Binary: Download

Running the application is just as easy!

To cover myself.. I should say that this is NOT a official release from the makers of Skype. I don’t guarantee that a week after publishing this application, Skype will not change how it works. All I have tested is the ability to send messages, make phone calls and send SMS. To help you out if your wondering why stuff isn’t working, here is a list of known ‘bugs’ with skype4cmd:

  • Skype doesn’t seem to return errors.
  • If Skype isn’t running, it will NOT be launched. A Future release of this application might tell you if Skype isnt connected when the application is launched.
  • Skype tends to block you (temporarily as far as i can tell) if you make too many requests.
  • Unlike skype4cocoa, the ping command does not return anything… I have no idea why this happens.

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