Announcing Beta 1 of Robo Skype for Mac OSX

After teasing the upcoming release of Robo Skype last week, I am excited to announce the immediate availability of the first Beta release. Right now this only supports Mac OSX, the monkeys with typewriters are working as hard as they can to have a windows version for you to all use. However it seems that my skpe4cmd that i published a few monts ago has stopped working! Have a faith in the monkeys and we might have some success!

Here is a quick rundown on what the app does and some ‘known’ issues.

What is it

Have you ever wanted to send lots of SMS’s to all your friends? Yea sure you can send 1 identical SMS to multiple friends at once. But what if you wanted to include some ‘unique’ information? Well you would have to type each SMS individually. Robo Skype tries to help you out with this. What it does is it takes ‘columns’ from a excel spreadsheet and turns them into ‘tokens’ to insert into a SMS template. Still confused? Lets go through a ‘see you later today’ scenario.


While organizing a weekend getaway to your favorite national park. Some people agreed to bring certain things. For example:

  • Bhavesthan
    • Tent
    • Beer
  • Edward
    • Snack foods
    • GPS
  • Alice
    • Cupcakes
    • Napkins
    • Water bottles
    • Soda cans
  • Lizzy
    • Full tank of gas

Now imagine sending one unique SMS to each of those people! It would take some time to type up! Even if you use the g’ol copy-paste feature in your dual core smart phone with high speed 4G internet. With Robo Skype all you have to do is type up a template:

Hi {name}! Remember to get enough sleep, we need to hit the road at 5am sharp. Lizzy and I will be leaving my place at 4am we should be at your place by {time}. Remember to have the following things: {itemsToBring}

… And Robo Skype will do the rest! Well almost. Simple and generic!

Whats broken

  • There is no way to insert one column of text(or phone numbers) from excel!
  • There is very limited input validation for phone numbers. Try not to type something strange in.
  • Phone numbers have to include “+<country code>”
  • I’m not sure but i think its currently not possible to send SMS’s that are larger then 160 characters.
  • I need to add a ‘thank you’ page for a few people who have helped make the application what it is today.
  • The teddy bears are having a picnic. (Yes, I have proofread this blog post)

How to get it?

Ah. That is rather simple!… Click the download link below:…

Download icon image

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    • Dont think there will be a next release… Skype broke the windows API so i wasnt able to port it across. Its somewhat done anyway.

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