Oct 29

TextBox hidden under keyboard in Windows Phone

I recently came across a ‘bug’ in the Windows Phone SDK that makes it difficult to scroll down to the ‘next’ element in a form because the keyboard is covering 90% of the text box. Here is a screenshot of what I’m talking about:

I tried finding help on the AppHub Community Forum however the suggestions didn’t fix my problem and weren’t very future proof if i decide to add Text Boxes. Due to my background in flex and my noob silverlight skills, it did help me think of my own implementation as to how i could go about doing this. Here’s how I did it… Continue reading

Oct 28

Quick and easy way to find yourself.

Recently I was somewhat shocked to see that there wasn’t a site similar to http://www.whatismyip.com/ for finding GPS coordinates. So i set out to create it. 6 hours later, you have http://www.whatizmygps.com/. All you need is a web browser that supports HTML5 geolocations… Check it out.. Its not perfect, but it works.

whatizmygps logo

Oct 16

Conditional printf debug statements in C based programming languages

One of the first things people learn to do when learning to program is how to write an ‘Hello World’ application. For many programming languages this involves writing the iconic sentence to a console window. Its amazing how the same fundamental concepts from the ‘Hello World’ application can extend into hardcore application debugging. At university we called this ‘printf debugging’. However in the real world, its important to remember that having too many unnecessary logging statements in production applications can impact performance. In compiled programming languages there are ways to automatically remove all ‘printf debugging’ statements. Here is how to do it on C, C++ and Objective C… Continue reading