The Scrabble Scrabbinator

I recently decided to pull out one of my old university assignments and make it into a website so everyone can use it. A few days later… the Word Dice was born! The idea behind it is to search a very large scrabble dictionary for words that match a particular pattern. So, why not challenge a friend in Words with Friends while using Word Dice.

Currently I despise the layout of the website so i might be updating it something… more meaningful. For people that are interested in how the monkeys find the matching words, I’ll be releasing the server-side source code in a few days.

2 thoughts on “The Scrabble Scrabbinator

    • Don’t think ill be releasing the source anytime soon, maybe one day when pigs fly. However I might document my API for 3rd parties in the future. I don’t have immediate plans to doing it though.
      Till then feel free to reverse engineer it. It isn’t overly complicated.

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