The Scrabbinator 2 is almost here!

A few weeks ago, I released version 1 of my Scrabble Scrabbinator aka the WordDice. When I originally released it, I despised the how the content was laid out and how so much screen space was being wasted by content that is rarely used. My interest in HCI definitely fueled my guilt.

Since then I have redesigned the HTML side of the webpage. Here are some of the most significant aspects of the updated site:

  • A updated layout that has a more of a ‘set and forget’ workflow. I added this because of how I myself used the website. More on this when Im ready to sneak out some screenshots :)
  • Revamped scoring system. In version 1, the word suggestions changed color based on the length of a word. This was fine however in scrabble, longer words aren’t always worth more since individual letter values determine the value of a word. The new system should make it easier to find more valuable words. Check out the screenshot above to get a feel for the new system.
  • Better utilization of HTML5/CSS3 for cross browser compatibility across different Operating Systems. This is a scary one. The updated webpage can be viewed and used on pretty much all modern web browsers… Literally!… be it a big fluffy monster like Internet Explorer or some a little easier on the eyes like an e-ink display on your Kindle.
  • A hint of social network integration. I’d say more but seriously there really isn’t much to say here. Chances are you wont even notice it. I’m only mentioning it here since ‘social integration’ sells. Now, who’s going to be the first person to comment “OMG SOCIAL INTEGRATION!”?

Also, while working on this updated website I noticed that the algorithm that I am using to render content behaves has different performance characteristics on different web browsers. Post v2, I hope to gut the updated Scrabbinator down to the bare essentials so you can rate your browser for yourself!

I’ll make sure that the monkeys with typewriters don’t slack off and get this new version out the door really soon. Till then, enjoy ripping your eyes out while you use the older version.

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