Word Dice 2.0 (aka the Scrabbinator) has arrived

It was only yesterday that I was rounding the corners and preparing the champagne for the re-release of the Word Dice. Well a few hours ago Version 2.0 of the Word Dice went live for you to use. Use the Scrabbinator wisely. Dicement day has arrived! Here’s whats new:

  • A updated layout that has a more of a ‘set and forget’ workflow. The idea behind this new layout is to give users more focus to the words that they are trying to form and the pattern they are trying to match. I made this change because of how I myself used the original website.
  • Worddice.com isnt a typical website, new users need help on how to use it. Help is much easier to find in this new version. You simply have to mouse over a section and it will ‘reveal’ itself!
  • Revamped scoring system. In version 1, the word suggestions changed color based on the length of a word. This was fine however in scrabble, longer words aren’t always worth more since individual letter values determine the value of a word. The new system should make it easier to find more valuable words. Under the new system, words are categorized into the following 6 bubbles:
    5 points or less
    6 points
    7 points
    8 points
    9 points
    10 points or more

    The idea here is that in a large list of results, the most common result… the “5 points or less” is meant to be the most aesthetically pleasing, whereas the “10 points or more” is the least pleasing so it visually should stand out in the search results. You could argue that this breaks down at a contextual level.

  • Better utilization of HTML5/CSS3 for cross browser compatibility across different web browsers and operating systems. For example, in the old website I noticed that text was being incorrectly centered on tiles between OSX and Windows (even when using Fireox and Chrome). The new layout is not only rendered across more web browsers in a more consistent manner then the original layout, it can be viewed and used on pretty much all modern web browsers… Literally!… be it a big fluffy monster like Internet Explorer 9 or something a little easier on the eyes like an e-ink display on your Kindle. Of course the old elephants in the room (Firefox, Safari and Chrome) still work just fine.
  • A hint of social network integration. The site is now a little bit more Facebook friendly, If you decide to share it on your wall, A special “Word Dice” logo will show. Also you can tell everyone that you “Like” it! I’m not too hopeful on the number of people who will notice this feature.

Check it out at http://worddice.com/. Like what you see? Put your finger where your eyes are…

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