What browsers you all use (April 2012)

If you look at the HTML source for this page you will see that I use Google Analytics to track the visitors. Today I noticed something very interesting about what web browser visitors are using when going over the stats in my dashboard. Here’s a overview of the breakdown:

Web Browser Percentage of visitors in April 2012
Chrome 34.48%
Firefox 33.43%
Safari 15.52%
Internet Explorer 14.03%
Opera 1.34%

Google Chrome has indeed proven to be a very worthy web browser. I’m not talking about potato guns here. I still remember when its Pok√© Ball icon was first showed up in my Google Reader feed. It was in the days when IE 8 (or was it 7?) was still the most common web browser on the web but web saavy people all used Firefox. Today its inching ahead of my current browsers of choice… Firefox and IE 9. Is it time for me to re-evaluate?

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