May 24

If it looks like Metro but works like WordDice what is it?

Does the image above ring a bell? Is it because it’s got nice sharp Metro looks or do you think you’ve seen it before? Whatever it is you can be sure that WordDice is preparing to get squished into your pocket! The killer feature?… Ranked word suggestions so you can easily choose what word to use! Trust me when I say that this works VERY WELL on mobile!

May 11

Mobile application development with a internet redirection server (rinetd).

Developing for mobile devices can raise some interesting constraints around mobile devices being unable to access a debugging/test service for some reason. Some examples of what I am talking about would include:…

  • Having a mobile device access a guest virtual machine that is inaccessible since it is behind a NAT on its server.
  • Being able to access a ASP.NET application that is running in Visual Studio’s development server.

Fortunately there’s a very nice utility called rinetd that boutell created that you can use to get around these issues. You can get started with rinetd on OSX, Windows and Linux by visiting boutell’s page about rinetd or downloading the source from my mirror… Continue reading

May 01

How to get 25GB free storage in SkyDrive

The new SkyDrive is undeniably awesome. With the imminent public release of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, the games just getting started. One of the ‘criticisms’ that Microsoft has received since it was released is that they reduced the free quota from a jaw dropping 25GB to a standard 7GB. But did you know that if you have a old account you can still ‘ask’ for 25GB without having to pay for it! Here’s what you have to do… Continue reading