Apr 11

Getting back in the game

Its been a while since I last posted something here. I blame the potent mix of Vacationing in India mixed with moving back to Sydney coupled with undeniable laziness.

With that said… There’s more on the way folks. Some of my longest running ideas are about to become binary! Stay tuned!

Apr 13

FLAvatared for WebDU

See that? Thats right! The organisers of WebDU 2010 have been kind enough to organise a FLAvatar for all their speakers. Damn they look nice! I can stare at myself all day.

Manoj Vekaria and I have been working on our WebDU presentation lately and things are coming along very well. If your going to attend WebDU 2010 and you want to be ‘flustered in lots of dots’(yes that’s my hint) come see our presentation! Continue reading

Feb 07

Regarding Sushi

What is Sushi? Yea its a Japanese food, but ironically it is also my nickname and this is my blog… WELCOME! Since this is my first blog post, I should start this off by telling you all a bit more about myself and this blog!

My name is Sushant Verma, I am currently a 3rd year Software Engineering student at the School of Computer Science Enginnering(CSE) at the University of New South Wales(UNSW). For the past 10 weeks, I have been working at RocketBoots as a Adobe Flex developer.

I hope to use this blog to help out my fellow developers with any solutions to bugs that I find along with my thoughts on other interestingly nerdy stuff that I come across! Sign up for the RSS feeds when you get a chance, what you got to lose ay! ;)

Shout me a message in the comments on what you wanna see me talk about!