Feb 16


If your a fellow student at CSE UNSW, check out iConnect! Its a web application that i created almost 6 months ago that allows you to access many of the commands like ‘friends’, ‘labs’, ‘pp’ and ‘whichprinter’ on any web browser. I’d recommend using a iPhone though;)

To see some screen shots, head to my iConnect page.

Feb 15

iPhone Web Application frameworks

Have you ever wanted to create a web application for iPhone/iPod touch but didnt want to fiddle with the CSS to make it look right? Well fortunately there are a few different frameworks that you can use to do this.

The Apple way

If you are hip enough to be running a mac, you can use Dashcode, It gives you:

  • Super quick and easy.
  • Drag and drop.
  • RSS
    • Maybe more?
  • Works on iPhone and iPod touch.
    • More then 66% mobile market share in March 2009 probably more today.
  • Does not work on non safari browsers(not even WebKit!).
    • Including Google Chrome!
    • Means 95% of web users cant use your application!
  • Have to learn to use Dashcode.

The other way

Lets face it, Dashcode sucks and most people dont have access to a mac for development. There are a few different 3rd party frameworks available which might be harder to use but give you(the web developer) real control on how you want your content to appear! Here are some frameworks that I have seen or used in the past.

  • iUI. Used it before.
  • CiUI. Cnet’s tweaked version of iUi
  • UiUIKit. This is what its called, I’m not making this up!
  • Webapp.net. Never used but looks promising.
  • QuickConnectiPhone. Not too sure about this.
  • iWebKit. I have used this framework many times. It’s easy to use and allows you to make webapps that look like native apps.
  • jQTouch. jquery with touch! If you want all the bells and whistels like animations, this is the framework for you! I’m looking into using this for a project in the future, I’ll be sure to post what I think of it.

If you don’t know where to start, I would suggest iWebKit or jQTouch, but it won’t be a bad idea checking out the others.

What about Mozilla Firefox?

Some readers will notice that I haven’t mentioned the use of these frameworks on non-webkit browsers like Firefox. I have found that the best frameworks don’t do a very good job at being cross platform due to the fact that they are all trying to save your precious download quota by using the draft WebKit CSS3 functionality to render the gradients and boxes instead of static images.

If your framework of choice is iWebKit, I have extended the css stylesheet to allow FireFox 3.x to render half decently. You can grab the iWebKit_4.6.2 framework here(Its no longer available on its homepage anymore)and the iWebKit 4.6.2 Firefox CSS Style. I am currently working on a iWebKit5 version which has a better structured, I’ll post that here when its ready;).

Feb 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-12

  • @nickmaher omg. Conroys out of his mind! in reply to nickmaher #
  • @pamelafox Nice tshirt design… i'd wear it! in reply to pamelafox #
  • @robinhilliard w00t.. Attending A-List parties sounds like fun in reply to robinhilliard #
  • I wonder why I still watch smallville. It sometimes feels like even the actors think it's lame. Good thing this season will be the last. #
  • How strange… I cant launch any 3rd party apps on my iPhone:S… Looks like im going to be restoring my iPhone from backup tonight #
  • $8 Hoyts tickets!…. http://bit.ly/bDclAm #
  • Anyone know if any good code formatting plugins for wordpress? #
  • Apple servers seem to be taking a hit, i cant dowload FW 3.1.3 for my iPhone. #

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Feb 11

Programatically select a DataGrid cell in Flex

Recently I was trying to improve the usability of a Flex DataGrid for data entry purposes. What I wanted was that when I insert a new row into the grid, it would automatically give keyboard focus to the first cell in the new row.

I found that the editedItemPosition property allows you to specify the cell to edit by row and column indexes. However I found that modifying like so doesn’t do anything:

The reason that it doesn’t work is quite simply because the datagrid isn’t watching for changes to the rowIndex or columnIndex properties inside the editedItemPosition object. Also the editedItemPosition object isnt informing the DataGrid it has been modified. Instead, it is watching for changes to its own editedItemPosition property. In other words, you have to modify the editedItemPosition property for it to work. Here’s a example of the final result:

If you have any questions, fire them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap ;)

Feb 07

Regarding Sushi

What is Sushi? Yea its a Japanese food, but ironically it is also my nickname and this is my blog… WELCOME! Since this is my first blog post, I should start this off by telling you all a bit more about myself and this blog!

My name is Sushant Verma, I am currently a 3rd year Software Engineering student at the School of Computer Science Enginnering(CSE) at the University of New South Wales(UNSW). For the past 10 weeks, I have been working at RocketBoots as a Adobe Flex developer.

I hope to use this blog to help out my fellow developers with any solutions to bugs that I find along with my thoughts on other interestingly nerdy stuff that I come across! Sign up for the RSS feeds when you get a chance, what you got to lose ay! ;)

Shout me a message in the comments on what you wanna see me talk about!