Jul 29

Hitting two dice with one tile.

Microsoft tag with links to appropriate mobile app stores.

Today I am excited to announce the immediate availability of Word Dice for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. The apps actually came online a few weeks ago but I haven’t had a chance to write-up this article. Feel free to scan the tag above(or click the links below) to start downloading and using WordDice. The primary feature set is the same on both platforms, however there are bells and whistles here and there that differentiate the two. Specifically:

Windows phone 7
  • Full metro color theme integration. Word dice takes full notice if your system color theme settings and adjusts the ascents accordingly.
  • Fun interaction with tiles. You can drag tiles around on the screen as you see fit.
  • Believe it or not, Word Dice will use the GPU to ‘animate’ tiles on the screen. What that means is that even as you type, you’ll see your tiles fly out onto the screen. A nifty touch.
  • While you think, tiles ‘float’ freely. Hard to explain! Try it and you’ll see!

I created WordDice.com a few months ago as a way to find words while playing ‘Words with Friends’ on Facebook. The latest version Continue reading