Jan 14

Are they all evil?

While working at RocketBoots, I have worked with Mac Fan Boys, Windows Gurus and Linux Geeks. Its interesting to see how religious people can get for their operating system. In fact, its been a very fascinating lunch time discussion topic for many months now. I am sure everyone has been in such a discussion before.

If you think of it, aren’t they all evil? Today I stumbled across this excellent Penguin, Two-face and Mr Freeze wallpaper that gives a whole new perspective to this dilemma…

Kudos to Flickr user Lishoffs for posting the image to Flickr!

Jul 18

Making Huawei E169 3G Modem be friends with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I have spent the last 5 months trying to make a Huawei e169 modem work with MacOS X Snow Leopard and I can proudly say that I have finally got it working.. thanks to a excellent tutorial that I found on the web. You can find this original article here.

Unlike the usual ‘download the driver and install’ analogy that applies to any hardware you want to connect to your computer. The problem that I have faced in getting the 3G device to work is that:

  • The manufacturer(Heawei) doesn’t provide drivers. It expects carriers(like Optus, Telstra, 3, Vodafone, AT&T.. blah blah) to provide them.
  • Optus(my 3G card’s carrier) technical support is LAZY and downright horrible. From what i can gather, they havent provide the updated snow leopard drivers to their customers.
  • A lazy Google search didn’t get me very far into finding the drivers. I had to really narrow down my search.

Till i found the article that had what i needed! Specifically here is what you need to do to make your Huawei e169 3G Modem work with Mac OSX Snow Leopard Continue reading