May 01

How to get 25GB free storage in SkyDrive

The new SkyDrive is undeniably awesome. With the imminent public release of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, the games just getting started. One of the ‘criticisms’ that Microsoft has received since it was released is that they reduced the free quota from a jaw dropping 25GB to a standard 7GB. But did you know that if you have a old account you can still ‘ask’ for 25GB without having to pay for it! Here’s what you have to do… Continue reading

Apr 24

How to hide Microsoft SkyDrive from the OSX Dock

Yesterday Microsoft released a pretty big update to SkyDrive that gave all users Dropbox like functionality on Windows and Mac OS X. However for some magical reason, Microsoft decided to ship the OS X client with a very irritating icon in the Dock along with the title bar. Removing the dock icon is surprisingly easy. Keep these instructions close you can do this with all OS X Applications. Here’s what you need to do…
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