Apr 25

Week 7 thesis presentation

On friday Pallavi Sah and I presented our ideas for our thesis on online teaching and learning to our supervisor and assessor. For those that are unfamiliar with our topic, it is about looking into ways to integrate HTML 5 features such as the video tag and the canvas tag into a online learning environment. A way to summarise it would be to describe it as merging the concepts found in facebook and YouTube with forums.
To bring you up to speed with what we have done, here is a Prezi which outlines what we have done and what we are going to be doing over the coming weeks.

Apr 25

What were they thinking: QuickTime X

Today I want to start a new category of blog posts which discuss to bad design decisions made by companies. To start with, I want to draw your attention to Quicktime. I stopped using Windows and started using OS X back in early 2007. I have usually not looked back and regretted my move. OS X is really an solid Operating System. Which at the time didnt appear to have a formidable rival(Windows XP). Today with Windows 7, things have heated up between the operating system powerhouses and it it difficult to compare the feature sets of the 2. When there is a overlap, its interesting when making a comparison.

Since 2007 I have missed Windows Media Player for one of its best and most fundamental features which is woefully missing in QuickTime. Continue reading

Feb 11

Programatically select a DataGrid cell in Flex

Recently I was trying to improve the usability of a Flex DataGrid for data entry purposes. What I wanted was that when I insert a new row into the grid, it would automatically give keyboard focus to the first cell in the new row.

I found that the editedItemPosition property allows you to specify the cell to edit by row and column indexes. However I found that modifying like so doesn’t do anything:

The reason that it doesn’t work is quite simply because the datagrid isn’t watching for changes to the rowIndex or columnIndex properties inside the editedItemPosition object. Also the editedItemPosition object isnt informing the DataGrid it has been modified. Instead, it is watching for changes to its own editedItemPosition property. In other words, you have to modify the editedItemPosition property for it to work. Here’s a example of the final result:

If you have any questions, fire them in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap ;)