May 11

Mobile application development with a internet redirection server (rinetd).

Developing for mobile devices can raise some interesting constraints around mobile devices being unable to access a debugging/test service for some reason. Some examples of what I am talking about would include:…

  • Having a mobile device access a guest virtual machine that is inaccessible since it is behind a NAT on its server.
  • Being able to access a ASP.NET application that is running in Visual Studio’s development server.

Fortunately there’s a very nice utility called rinetd that boutell created that you can use to get around these issues. You can get started with rinetd on OSX, Windows and Linux by visiting boutell’s page about rinetd or downloading the source from my mirror… Continue reading

Apr 03

How fast is your web browser?

Recently while I was creating WordDice, I noticed something very interesting… Some of my own web browsers were taking much longer to ‘render’ the search results! Thinking that it would be useful to compare the time taken, I decided to create which helps compare web browser speed test results. Here is what it does: Continue reading

Mar 04

Now thats what I call backwards compatibility

Most people have heard that Windows does the best job at maintaining backwards compatibility. But just how good are we talking? I have come across a YouTube video made by Andrew Tait that shows the upgrade experience from DOS 5.0 to Windows 7. That is 20 years of Operating System upgrades! With plenty of time, patience and tons of windows upgrade discs he has put together this extraordinary video showing the upgrade process. Check it out!..
Continue reading