Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-05

  • @nickmaher you should try using eclipse. I use it for developing all languages except objective c. There's probebly a mercurial plugin. in reply to nickmaher #
  • Here come the stealth helicopters! #
  • @nickmaher The grat thing about eclipse is its extensions. If u need some sort of extension of additional functionality u can easily add it. in reply to nickmaher #
  • @nickmaher There are eclipse extensions for web development, scripting and hardcore programming in the 1 IDE. Good if u use shortcuts a lot. in reply to nickmaher #
  • LMAO.. Dont mess with a Googler! RT @pamelafox: A spammer decided 2 completely f*ck my public wave up. Bad idea. This spam may be his last. #
  • wow.. interesing… #

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