Im still here

It seems I haven’t blogged anything for a while now! What can I say… life as a student can be busy but fortunately the semester has to come to a end and the content from the exams becomes a part of our long term memory. :)

Here is a video recorded by David Cummins(catch him on twitter @dcummins) that shows one of the many things that have been keeping me busy lately…

I have lots of awesome posts in the pipeline that I basically just need to polish and publish… so keep looking back here over the next few days to see if you have won whats in store.

2 thoughts on “Im still here

  1. That game looked really cool – loved how it integrated the iPad, iPhone and a flash game. I think that it could give the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox a real shake for its money – and it looked like a good workout to boot!

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