Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-06

  • September 2010 is gonna be awesome. So awesome that its going to start with a feast of epic proportions! #
  • Im surrounded by bugs! #
  • The problem with twitter is that short tweets are open to interpretation… Not always in a good way… and u realize when its too late. #
  • @nojyfied is trying to #livebelowline .. Good luck buddy:) in reply to nojyfied #
  • @pamelafox How do you use wave to transfer files? in reply to pamelafox #
  • @tanya_gray What jb app do you use to make iPhone a hotspot? in reply to tanya_gray #
  • China to build ginormous buses that cars can drive under (video).. #
  • @tanya_gray hmm.. yea ive heard of MyWi.. dont know if its worth the money if im going to use it once every 3 months. in reply to tanya_gray #
  • @pamelafox LOL… I didnt know it was possible to post files to a wave.. Google waves come a long way since i last used it. in reply to pamelafox #
  • #optus flicked the switch and activated #DOCSIS3 today.. #
  • This is wrong on so many levels… NSFW…. #
  • It feels so weird sitting on a bus with the engines off. #
  • Tweet. #
  • RT @sushified: reTweet. #
  • Seems tweet deck doesn't let you retweet yourself unless you modify what your retweeting. #
  • This gives the notion of milk and cookies a whole new meaning. #
  • Google wave as a standalone product is dead… Officially #
  • Someone I know got stuck in a public toilet. #

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