Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-03

  • Have you ever noticed that Rob Schneider is in all of Adam Sandlers movies?.. This) puts a freaky spin on it! #
  • YAY… finished a assignment! #
  • @dcummins Once I fell asleep on the bus after a long day and my brother put a rolled up bus ticket in my mouth and took a photo. in reply to dcummins #
  • YAY… For the first time i weeks i have 0 unread email in my inbox!.. w00t! #
  • Have to love digital cameras.. #
  • Getting paid to be on .. What more could i ask for:D #
  • WOW!.. a just flew over sydney! #
  • LMFAO twitter goes nuts with fighter jet talk as soon as sydney gets a flyover! #
  • My life is so robotic these days that a 20 min power nap on the #UNSW physics lawn was the highlight of my day. Sigh I want another nap. #
  • Upgrading my iphone 3g to ios4.1… I Hope it improves performance!. #
  • iTunes 10: the first version of iTunes for OSX that you cant minimise by double clicking. Be sure to do it one last time before you upgrade. #
  • Gangster bear! #
  • Love how the new iPod nano commercial has the "na na naa na na naaaaaa" from the #chuck intro theme @zacharylevi @Y_Strahovski #

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