The Importance of Consistency

Recently I upgraded my Microsoft Office for Mac suite to the 2011 edition. I havn’t really used it much since, however I have recently started using it and have discovered a very annoying issue.

When typing I find myself pressing option + backspace instead of repeatedly pressing backspace to delete a word. Normally this shortcut would backspace up-till the start of the word ‘to the left’ of the typing cursor. So this leave you ‘ready’ to start typing your replacement word.By ready i mean, whitespace to the left of your typing cursor. This is how the shortcut works system wide in all cocoa applications and even Outlook for Mac 2011. However it doesnt behave like this on Word for Mac 2011.

In word for Mac 2011 it still deletes the word ‘to the left of’ the typing cursor, however it also deletes any white-space to the left of that word leaving you at the end of the word before the deleted word. It might not sound like much but this is very annoying since option+backspace => continue typing replacement word is like a involuntary reaction.

… Sigh. I hope there is a patch on its way.

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