How fast is your web browser?

Recently while I was creating WordDice, I noticed something very interesting… Some of my own web browsers were taking much longer to ‘render’ the search results! Thinking that it would be useful to compare the time taken, I decided to create which helps compare web browser speed test results. Here is what it does:

  • Fetches 4,000 random words and makes the web browser to lay them out as needed.
  • Generates 12,000 random colors for rendering all words and their container ‘blobs’. As part of the test, the browser is also be expected to parse these random colors so that it can render them.
  • Performs basic HTML DOM manipulation.

The site does takes a dependency on jQuery v1.7.1 for some ‘other’ UI manipulation that does get measured as part of the test. However the ‘overhead’ should be considered minimal or even close to real world for any web application due to the wide spread use of jQuery throughout the internet. I should point out that I am no expert in HTML/CSS/JS performance statistics when it comes to web browsers. There is a bunch of other ‘disclaimer’ like clauses which I’ve mentioned on the disclaimer page.

If you want to compare the performance of your web browsers, you will need to login with your FaceBook account and give the website permission to access your account. Trust me when I say I’m not reading or stealing any personal information when you give it access. Ultimately, you’ll see a nice pretty graph of your different web browses/computers and even some interesting world wide statistics. In the end, you don’t lose anything giving it a shot!

If you like the website, I would really appreciate it if you’d show it to your friends!…

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