Mar 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-12

  • Mabey google should be a sponsor for chuck. So many geeks love the show! #
  • @pamelafox OMG… Dr. Pepper is NASTY! Horrible taste in reply to pamelafox #
  • Wow. North ryde train station is deep! #
  • I got the Mac Heist bundle. 7 awesome apps worth $260+ for just $20 and got 3 great bonus apps free! #
  • OMG i just realised that optus's DNS servers automaticaly redirect a url which is "www" to #

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Mar 05

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-05

  • @nickmaher you should try using eclipse. I use it for developing all languages except objective c. There's probebly a mercurial plugin. in reply to nickmaher #
  • Here come the stealth helicopters! #
  • @nickmaher The grat thing about eclipse is its extensions. If u need some sort of extension of additional functionality u can easily add it. in reply to nickmaher #
  • @nickmaher There are eclipse extensions for web development, scripting and hardcore programming in the 1 IDE. Good if u use shortcuts a lot. in reply to nickmaher #
  • LMAO.. Dont mess with a Googler! RT @pamelafox: A spammer decided 2 completely f*ck my public wave up. Bad idea. This spam may be his last. #
  • wow.. interesing… #

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Feb 19

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-19

  • Does anyone know how to use A2DP to wirelessly connect .my iPhone to OSX #
  • Adobe brings AIR to Android, promises Flash 10.1 in the first half of the year: #
  • I trust you've all see the iPad, it's like a iPhone 1G… No gps or cammera. Apple probebly made it as a prototype iPhone;) #
  • This journalist needs to calm down and reconsider his life… #
  • Wow. It seems a 3D DVD/BD is in the pipeline for avatar! Checkout the updated link in my blog for more details: #
  • Here's a fun fakt:.. 'it's even better to LOL for real' (according to the ad on the bus stand) #
  • The Elizabeth street and market street intersection in the Sydney CBD Is a traffic bottleneck! #

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Feb 12

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-12

  • @nickmaher omg. Conroys out of his mind! in reply to nickmaher #
  • @pamelafox Nice tshirt design… i'd wear it! in reply to pamelafox #
  • @robinhilliard w00t.. Attending A-List parties sounds like fun in reply to robinhilliard #
  • I wonder why I still watch smallville. It sometimes feels like even the actors think it's lame. Good thing this season will be the last. #
  • How strange… I cant launch any 3rd party apps on my iPhone:S… Looks like im going to be restoring my iPhone from backup tonight #
  • $8 Hoyts tickets!…. #
  • Anyone know if any good code formatting plugins for wordpress? #
  • Apple servers seem to be taking a hit, i cant dowload FW 3.1.3 for my iPhone. #

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