Sep 17

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-17

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Sep 10

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-10

  • The new Twitter app for iPhone is interesting. #
  • @hci_unsw seems sushi is also closed. Satay delight. Indian finger food place and kebab open #
  • @tanya_gray I heard about the quake. I hope your safe. in reply to tanya_gray #
  • @tanya_gray Yay the flex ninja lives:) in reply to tanya_gray #
  • Should you be able to buy everything? #
  • Saw Tomorrow, When the War Began. Must say its a pretty good movie! Makes you want to read the books. #
  • Why is google toolbar a virus for firefox. It kills so many extensions! Yet at the same time its so farken awesome! #
  • What a whiskey… #
  • #transmit4 is the best FTP client i have ever used. #
  • pretty good link on decoding htmlentities #
  • Rendering fonts for different browsers? This is quite handy… #
  • Note to self. Font-weight: bold doesnt work in safari! have to give a number. 800 looks about right:) #
  • I wanna pull Chandni's nose #
  • @pamelafox seems Google UK they got rid of the interactive balls logo. in reply to pamelafox #
  • I wonder if apple has a cocoa framework for Windows that they use to compile iTunes! #
  • Plumbers at my house singing while working on my bathroom. Very Entertaining… dont need #iTunes #
  • I want GPU acceleration in firefox!…. #
  • #google .. pweaaase enable Instant search on my account. #
  • VLC coming to the iPad! … Awaiting review! #

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Sep 03

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-03

  • Have you ever noticed that Rob Schneider is in all of Adam Sandlers movies?.. This) puts a freaky spin on it! #
  • YAY… finished a assignment! #
  • @dcummins Once I fell asleep on the bus after a long day and my brother put a rolled up bus ticket in my mouth and took a photo. in reply to dcummins #
  • YAY… For the first time i weeks i have 0 unread email in my inbox!.. w00t! #
  • Have to love digital cameras.. #
  • Getting paid to be on .. What more could i ask for:D #
  • WOW!.. a just flew over sydney! #
  • LMFAO twitter goes nuts with fighter jet talk as soon as sydney gets a flyover! #
  • My life is so robotic these days that a 20 min power nap on the #UNSW physics lawn was the highlight of my day. Sigh I want another nap. #
  • Upgrading my iphone 3g to ios4.1… I Hope it improves performance!. #
  • iTunes 10: the first version of iTunes for OSX that you cant minimise by double clicking. Be sure to do it one last time before you upgrade. #
  • Gangster bear! #
  • Love how the new iPod nano commercial has the "na na naa na na naaaaaa" from the #chuck intro theme @zacharylevi @Y_Strahovski #

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Aug 27

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-27

  • What a scary photo!… #
  • The magnetic woman!… #
  • Doctors Blog About The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Removed From Patients…. #
  • Apple retail stores REALLY have horrible customer service. They replaced my keyboard with a different model. #
  • playing with eclipse 4… not bad:) #
  • @dcummins nice! in reply to dcummins #
  • My iPad animated screen saver. #
  • download them all not getting any google love… #
  • I dont like Java programming any more. Its too verbose for my liking. #
  • OMG… Big Bang Theory season 4 episode 1!….. "Howard uses a robotic arm for his own pleasure." I am soooo lookin forward to season 4! #
  • Big Bang Theory season 4 episode 1!….. this image might give you something to be excited about… #
  • The Australian newspaper cant afford to give its own journalists a copy of the Australian iPad app? #

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