I try to keep myself busy doing interesting stuff all the time. However just like any ‘self motivated’ project, its easy to start, but extremely difficult to finish! So to keep myself motivated, Ive decided that I’ll keep track of everything I do here on my blog.

Here are a few self motivated projects I have worked on…


WordDice is a collection of mobile applications, web-sites and a snappy web back-end that allows for quick and efficient searching of words and patterns for use in a game of scrabble! Check out the pages:

Speed Test

My own web browser speed test takes the bare bones of my WordDice website and re-purposing it for testing rendering speeds for different web browsers. To make it easier to ‘compare’ results, I added the ability to login with Facebook and compare your own web browser results. Its pretty neat… Check it out! :)

iWebKit Mozilla

Back in the day(am i really that old?) when the original iPhone was released and the HTML5/CSS3 standard werent as solidified as they are now, I found myself using iWebKit on occasion. However my mobile web applications never rendered properly on Firefox. To try and combat this I created a CSS file for transparently adding Firefox support.


If you want to know your public IP address, one of the easiest ways to finding it is to use Using the same ‘simpe to use’ concept I decided to create something similar that can be used to use HTML 5 to get your GPS co-ordinates. Since the more intuitive domain name was taken, I decided to give it more of a exciting name

Skype SMS Automation (RoboSkype)

In a effort to create a application that can be used to automatically send unique formatted SMSs, I created RoboSkype. Under the hood, it uses two of my own command line utilities that can be used to control Skype on mac and windows… skype4cocoa and skype4cmd respectively. This whole endevour was the result of a couple of weekends hacking away at poorly documented and outdated APIs in Skype. Heads up, I dont gurantee compatibility with future versions of Skype (in fact I don’t even know if it is currently working).


Back when I was doing my Undergraduate degree, I created iConnect. It is basically a mobile web application that allowed students to keep track of the universities lab computer availability from a mobile device. Think of it as a way to pull together the services that the university offered into a open social network. Unfortunately it is currently in limbo as to who is hosting it however there is a remote possibility someone else within the university will host it in the near future.

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