Apr 06

AIR, its more then you ever imagined!

Wow, the people working on Adobe AIR have some awesome things in the pipeline. They have taken (just about) the same code, and ported it to:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web Broweser
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad

For developers it means alot, but for consumers it means that the same application can run on multiple platforms and it’ll ‘behave’ the same and it’ll have the ‘same’ release date!

Disregardng the fact that the applications made with this are going to go against the user interface guidelines for each and every one of these platforms. You have to agree Continue reading

Apr 04

Transmission on iPhone and iPad

I was thinking recently. The new $30 AT&T iPad plan which gives you ‘unlimited’ internet usage could easily become a interesting way for people to torrent while on the move;).

However the main hurdle is that apple doesn’t allow Torrent applications into the app-store. I say, who cares!… Why doesn’t someone with bit of experience using c/objective c port the open-source torrent client Transmission to a publicly accessible repository where developers can compile it themselves and run on their own provisioned devices/their friends devices. Yea sure theres always the possibility of someone releasing a jailbroken application on cydia, but I am against the use of jailbroken devices due to some bad experiences I have had with the hardware playing up and the reliability of cydia in the past.

Feb 24

iWebKit5 comes to Firefox

Recently i have been working on taking the iWebKit 5.0 framework and producing a CSS extension that allows pages to be ‘better’ rendered on Firefox. Checkout its homepage at: http://trynull.com/iWebKitMozilla/.

Checkout the a screen shot of it in action:)

Using this couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is add the ‘extension’ CSS to your header after the official CSS.

Special thanks to the Soft-V2 theme of iPhone icons for the ‘installer’ icon. Grab the fill list of icons at:


Feb 16


If your a fellow student at CSE UNSW, check out iConnect! Its a web application that i created almost 6 months ago that allows you to access many of the commands like ‘friends’, ‘labs’, ‘pp’ and ‘whichprinter’ on any web browser. I’d recommend using a iPhone though;)

To see some screen shots, head to my iConnect page.